Get better performance with Native Ads

Don't disturb user experience with flashy mobile banner ads.

We can provide good traffic to your brand page, because our ads appear in between publisher's feed, therefore there is less number of accidental clicks.

It's time to consider about user experience for your brand.

The Reason for `FreakOut Native`

Focus On Smartphone

Because Smartphone is the most popular device in the world, our ad network focus on Smartphone media.

Delivering High-Quality User

Bounce rate after page transition is 1/2 compared with mobile banner ads because the accidental click is much less than banner ads. Therefor we can deliver more time spent user.

High Viewability

People don't watch mobile banner ads because it’s disturbing user experience. However people watch native ads because the formats are quite similar with media layout and appear like a content between news feed.

Maximize marketing ROI with FreakOut Native !

The New Style Ad Network focus on SmartPhone

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